How does the program work?

Before the Consultation

  • Look at your calendar and find a time when you have at least 2 weeks of “normal” activity (no vacations, weddings, pediatrician appointments, work schedule changes). Next, figure out a couple of times that you’d be available for the consultation.

  • Send me an email with your possible dates, and I will confirm the time via e-mail.

  • I will e-mail you a detailed questionnaire to fill out. This needs to be returned to me at least 2 days before our consultation.

  • You will receive an invoice that should be paid immediately to confirm your consultation time.

  • Get everyone on board – your spouse, nanny, and anyone else who regularly cares for your little one.

  • Get excited! Soon, you and your baby or older child will be getting a good night’s sleep!

During the Consultation

  • We will go over your questionnaire and discuss how to approach bedtime, night wakings, and naps.

  • We will address all of your questions and concerns.

  • If the consultation is held in your home, I will assess the nursery and provide recommendations to optimize the sleeping environment.

  • We will discuss the specifics of follow-up support.

  • We will schedule your first 15 minute follow-up call for the morning after you implement the plan.

After the Consultation

  • We will make any necessary changes to your child’s nursery that we discussed.

  • You will have a number of follow-up calls and e-mail support. I will track your progress and make recommendations based on how things are progressing.

  • Be sure to write down any questions that you forgot to ask during our consult and send me an e-mail with those.

I’m not located in Chicago. Can you still help me?

  • Yes, I have worked with parents as far away as Singapore! Although I would love to meet you face-to-face, we can meet via phone, video-conferencing and email. If you reside outside of Chicago area, the Level I program would be best for you. Click here to learn more.

Will you ask me to let my baby “cry-it-out” (CIO)?

No way!  My definition of the CIO method is when you put your child down awake, shut the door and don’t come back until morning.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable using that technique with my own child and wouldn’t expect you to either.  I subscribe to, The Sleep Sense Program™ Philosophy, which is a gentle approach where parents support their child while they are learning independent sleep skills.  

That said; there will likely be some crying involved.  How much?  It depends on the child.  I wish that they wouldn’t cry, but children typically don’t enjoy learning to fall asleep on their own.  They cry to let you know that they want to go back to their old method sleeping.  Think of it as “protesting” crying.    

The good news is that I will teach you methods to minimize crying and give you tips on how to cope with the anxiety it may cause.   Also, it won’t last!  At the end of the journey you and your child will be rewarded with a great night’s sleep.

Am I able to breastfeed and sleep train?  

Heck yeah!  I am a HUGE breastfeeding advocate.  I provided breast milk for both of my children and worked at a major breast pump manufacturer for over 5 years.  I am also a certified Breastfeeding Peer Counselor.  Breastfeeding and healthy sleep habits can co-exist.  Let me teach you how!

I have heard of sleep training babies, but are you able to work with older children? 

Absolutely!  Almost half of my clients are over the age of 2.  The Sleep Sense program has worked with children as old as 10. Let’s set up a free evaluation to discuss your older child’s needs.  Just click on the 'Schedule a free consultation' button to get started.

My child and I share a room.  Is it still possible to teach them healthy sleep habits?

Of course!  Living in Chicago, I am no stranger to tight quarters.  As long as the child is sleeping on a separate surface, I can help!