Not so fast — no matter how snuggly your new addition may be, no amount of cuteness is going to keep either of you going.

You need your rest, and the tiny human does, too.

Prenatal & Newborn Sleep Solutions

Prenatal & Newborn (<12 weeks)

Establishing sustainable sleep patterns and in-the-moment strategies to keep you and your baby rested and ready for all the new adventures

The goal of our time together will be for you to adopt easy to implement tips and techniques to help your baby develop healthy sleep habits. That way, little to no “sleep training” will be necessary in the future. 

Prenatal Sleep Consultation

Prenatal Sleep Consultation

Work with me before your little bundle arrives to gain the insight you’ll need to establish healthy sleep habits as soon as you get home from the hospital. Plus, you’ll feel confident in your ability to know when your baby needs to sleep and how to get your baby sleeping with ease.

Here’s what to expect

1-Hour Private Virtual Consultation

Healthy Sleep Habits Plan

Two 15-minute follow-up calls (to use before baby is three months old)

Two follow-up emails (to use before baby is three months old)

Your Investment in a Good Night’s Sleep


Newborn Sleep Consultation

Newborn to Baby Sleep Shaping and Training Consultation

While it’s a bit early to truly sleep train your baby, we’ll work with you to create sustainable rhythms — and change up any patterns that might be forming less-than-ideal habits. You’ll have the support you need and be able to ask any questions that come up along the way.

Once your baby is three and a half months old, we’ll move to using more traditional sleep training to take those independent sleep skills to the next level — clearing away any less-than-ideal habits and making your baby into a sleeping superstar.

Here’s what to expect

1-Hour private newborn sleep consultation

Newborn Healthy Sleep Habits plan

1-Hour private baby sleep consultation once your child is over 3.5 months old (in-home for clients in Chicago area)

Customized Baby Sleep Plan

Weekly 15-minute check-in call until baby is five months old

Weekly Action Plan

Unlimited Voxer (walkie talkie) support until baby is five months old

Unlimited email support until baby is five months old

“Keep the Sleep” resources that address situations that can interfere with baby’s sleep for the first year and beyond


Your Investment in a Good Night’s Sleep