Sleep isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity—and totally attainable, too.

Equipping parents with an easy-to-follow, proven sleep training program— supporting them through it—so that the entire family can get the kind of rest they need and deserve.

Founded in 2016, Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting began when Kelly found herself co-sleeping and up every 45 minutes with her second child who was struggling to sleep through the hour, let alone through the night.

Learning the Sleep Sense method helped Kelly’s family return to a sense of rhythm, normalcy and rest—it changed their lives. Now Kelly helps families find sweet dreams and get the kind of rest that helps them be their best selves.

Let’s get you tucked in 

Offering in-person and virtual sleep training support for families in the Chicago area and beyond.

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Baby Sleep Solution Featured on CNN
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Sweet Dreams, Little One.



Kelly is a mama who’s been right where you are. She saw her children and family transformed by sleep training and now she gets to share it with you!

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Get to know the sleep method, see which of my sleep training services is right for you and find out how it all works.

Prenatal & Newborn (< 12 weeks)

Baby & Toddler (4-24 months)

Toddler & Big Kid (2.5 years and older)