Amazon Prime Day Sleep Picks!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good deal.  That is why July 11th has quickly become one of my favorite shopping days as it is when Amazon offers amazing deals for its Prime Members.  I have spent a good portion of the day scouring the site for goodies, so I thought that I would share some of my favorite sleep inducing deals with you.  Here you go....

*All of the deals were available at the time of posting.  They go quickly so there is no guarantee that the products are still available.  Get while the getting is good! :)

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillowcase - Cuddle Collection (jungle Pink), Brown, 13" X 18" - $12.19, Finding cute, comfy pillowcases for toddler pillows is near impossible.  This pillowcase is all of the above and 59% off.  They are going quickly.  So get your's soon.

Portable Video Baby Monitor Night Vision Smart Camera with Temperature Monitors  - $55.19, This monitor has over 1,000 reviews and a 4 star rating.

Amir Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light, Stick-anywhere - Pack of 3) - $13.99, These would be perfect for when you have to check on your little one in the middle of the night.  As you know, I love a DARK room as it is most conducive to sleep.  However, I don't want you tripping over toys as you check on your little one.  These little guys will only light up when you enter the room.  Problem solved!

Lucear Baby Towels Bath Washcloth (6-pack) , 12"x12" Reusable Wipes, Best for Shower Gift - $11.99, This deal is sold out but you can still join the waitlist.  These washcloths would make the perfect lovey.  Full of texture, small and breathable!

VTech VM342-2 Safe & Sound Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras, Standard Lens and Wide-Angle Lens - $91.80, This would be a great upgrade to your current system if you are expecting another little one.  It comes with two cameras and is from a highly reputable manufacturer.  

myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector - This deal starts at 7:30 PM.  It is currently $24.99.  Let's see how low it goes.  The only caveat is that you should use only the ocean or rain sounds for sleeping.  Refrain from using the lullabies or projector during sleep as they are too stimulating.  

Regalo Swing Down Bedrail - Goes on sale later today today.  It is currently $19.99 and is the #1 Rated!

Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - Vibrant Changeable LED Lights, Soothing Mist & Oxygen, Automatic Shut Off - $15.99, Great for diffusing sleep inducing lavender or cedarwood essential oils.  Just make sure to buy HIGH quality oils for a reputable company like Young Living or doTerra.  Also, if you are diffusing for your child, make sure to follow the appropriate guidelines. I recommend diffusing essential oils for mama and papa too.  Coping with your children's sleep issues is stressful and making your room smell pretty is a nice way to un-wind.


I hope you find some great deals!  If you have any additional to share please comment below.  Happy Prime Day!